All about focus and choices

Balance is about focus in what really is important for each of us. It’s necessary to emphasize here that “balance” takes place in the midst of action. Balance is not the same as equilibrium; it is not about having the same weight on each component of our life. Equal parts of family, work, recreation, etc., is not the goal. There is a moving balance point with these significant areas of our life. As long as we’re alive we will be moving toward more alignment with the balance we want, or we will be moving away from it.

Balance is about choices: Each time, each step that we do everyday in our life is about our own choices. If we are aware about our options, we are enabled to make choices in every moment. We really make choices, even on the days when it feels like our world is running the show.

Mikoyo Shida and her “Sanddorn balance” is a great way to demonstrate that balance is about Focus and Choices and It is Up to Us.

Enjoy it!  Balance by Mikoyo Shida

What is your feather?

What keeps you moving?

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