Authentic Leadership: What value do you want to create in the world today?

My favourite definition of Leadership is the one described by Kevin Cashman in his powerful book, “Leadership From the Inside Out”. After 20 years of wrestling with the question, Cashman came to the realization that Leadership is authentic self-expression that creates value. Leadership from this perspective is about expressing our true selves. This type of resonant leadership is sustainable, compelling and attractive. It is inspiring to be led by someone fully present and in touch with their authentic self

The most exciting part of this view of leadership is that it separates leadership from our roles in the world and points us to expressing our leadership in all that we do. It is simply not about what is printed on our business card. It is about how we are showing up in the world. Sometimes leadership is connecting, listening, empowering and calling forth the leadership in others.

Being strongly connected to our values also creates extreme clarity. Our values serve as leadership lighthouses which consistently guide us back to solid ground. Internal wisdom drives the external manifestation of our leadership rather than the other way around. By being committed to authentic leadership, we are clear about what we stand for, what has meaning for us and what we need to say “no” to.

As leaders, we must ask ourselves “what am I passionate about?”, “what is really important to me?”, “how can my gifts service the world?” “How can I channel my passion to create value?”

By connecting to our purpose through a keen awareness of our values, strengths, and our natural gifts we are able to tap a source of unlimited energy and passion.

What value do you want to create in the world today?

Published by Beatriz Adams Garcia

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and International Executive and Career Coaching | training |facilitator |Cross Cultural Expert | Leadership Development

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