Strong leadership is crucial for social enterprises

Leadership in social enterprise relies on ethics, integrity and expertise which one might expect, but also on empathy and passion. These latter traits are often forgotten when we talk about leadership in the corporate world, but without these traits leaders in our sector struggle to make a positive impact, rarely establish strong support systems and lack motivation to nurture new leaders.

Social enterprise Leaders should be developed the following characteristics:

Have passion and purpose – be dedicated and determined to make social change, have clear and simple aims.

Trust and be trustworthy – see the best in people and make sure people know they can rely on you; be true to yourself always.

Be pragmatic and prudent – running good business takes great skill and attention to detail especially with money.

Share the lead – be clear to your team about their potential and give them opportunity, permission and motivation to lead.

Never miss the opportunity to praise and say thank you – people need to be nurtured and encouraged to be the best.

This content is extracted from the original article “Strong leadership is crucial for social enterprises”, wrote by Julie Harris and posted by Guardian Professional. To join the social enterprise network, click

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